Punjab stubble burning:

According to a 2021 report, Arvind Kejriwal blamed farmers of Haryana and UP along with Punjab for Delhi’s pollution. He said that he is constantly raising his voice about this. But no one is listening.
Amidst rising pollution in Delhi, Environment Minister Gopal Rai in the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has said that the BJP is targeting the farmers of Punjab for burning stubble. According to him, the BJP is doing this because the farmers strongly opposed the agriculture laws brought by the Modi government at the Center.
In 2021, when such a situation of pollution was created in Delhi in October-November, then Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, stating the main reason for stubble burning in Punjab, said that the Punjab government should understand its responsibility and reduce the incidents of stubble burning. Then there was the Congress government in Punjab, which was defeated in the assembly elections this year. This time the incidents of stubble burning in Punjab have broken the record for this season. Most of the incidents have happened in Sangrur, the area of ​​Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

What did Gopal Rai say?
Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai says that the governments of Delhi and Punjab together prepared a proposal. In this, the governments of Punjab and Delhi had to bear Rs 500-500 as relief per acre. Whereas 15 hundred rupees per acre were to be given to the center. But the Center rejected this proposal outright. Gopal Rai said that AAP governments understand the heart of farmers. He says that only then he prepared the proposal and sent it to the Center.

Rai says that the central government hates Punjab farmers because people here had raised their voices against agricultural laws for a year by going to the Delhi border. The Center had to withdraw the law. Since then she has followed him. In the matter of stubble, BJP wants that a case should be registered against the farmers. But you don’t agree with it.

Union Minister’s clean chit to Haryana, rain on Punjab

On the other hand, Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav claims that 19 percent of cases of stubble burning are being seen in Punjab this year as compared to 2021. In Punjab itself, 3634 stubble-burning incidents were reported today. Haryana is witnessing a decrease of 30.6%. He says that everyone knows who converted Delhi into a gas chamber. Where you are there are scams. He says that Punjab has a fund of 492 crores in this item but the government is not using that money.

Most of the stubble burning in CM Bhagwant Mann’s home district
According to SAFAR, an agency of the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences, Punjab’s straw accounted for 14 percent on Tuesday in Delhi’s PM 2.5 pollution. It was 22 percent on Monday. Whereas on Sunday it was the highest so far at 26 percent. It was 21 percent in the sample collected in Delhi on Saturday. According to a report, the incidents of stubble burning were highest in Sangrur, the home district of CM Bhagwant Mann.

According to a report, stubble was burnt at 1,842 places in Punjab on Tuesday. Of these, a maximum of 345 cases were reported in Sangrur, the district of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. Incidents of burning more than 12 thousand stubble in eight days. The report of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute IARI says that the process of stubble burning in Punjab is not stopping. On Tuesday, the stubble of 1842 fields was set on fire. On Monday, this figure was 2131. This was the highest number ever.

Punjab is known for agriculture. Between September 15 and November 1, there were 17,846 incidents of stubble burning. The figures for the last eight days are intimidating. During this, 12 229 incidents of stubble burning have been reported in the fields of Punjab. A report says that incidents of stubble burning in Punjab are quite worrying. The CAQM institution was formed in 2021. Its work is to control the pollution of Delhi-NCR. The organization says that the stubble of Punjab is taking a toll on the health of Delhi.

On the other hand, the analysis of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee says that due to the smoke of Punjab’s stubble, it has become difficult for the people of Delhi to breathe. Keep in mind that between November 1 and November 15, farmers burn the maximum stubble.

Kejriwal used to hold Punjab government responsible for pollution in 2021
In 2021, Arvind Kejriwal blamed the farmers of Haryana and UP along with Punjab for Delhi’s pollution. He said that he is constantly raising his voice about this. But no one is listening. He said that there are two types of factors behind the pollution of Delhi-NCR. One that causes pollution from the vehicles of the capital. Second, after burning the stubble, smoke comes to the capital.

During that time the AAP coordinator used to give advice to the governments of Punjab and Haryana. He said that farmers are burning stubble because the governments there are not doing anything in this direction. Then he appealed that the governments should understand the problem of Delhi and help the farmers.

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